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The Irrelevance of the Novus Ordo

232 Views· 11/19/23
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We were told that there was simplicity in the new rites, but we found instead only a pedestrian and impoverished ritual. The fad of using the vernacular…of Mass facing the people…the passing trend of folk tunes and banners…the infatuation with liturgical social engineering with female lectors and servers…the mania that caused the removal of the high altars and communion rails…a modern puritanical zeal for the minimal replaced the ornate..the formal…and the solemn. All of this and more have made the Novus Ordo just a passing trend that will not last. It may be just over 50 years old, but the New Rites already seem dated. It married the modern age and its trends and has now found itself a widow with little or no suitors. The Traditional Catholic, therefore, should not identify himself negatively as being against the Novus Ordo, but rather as one who has discovered a pearl of great price…a treasure hidden in the field which he has been willing to purchase.

For more lease visit https://reginaprophetarum.org/#/ remember to say 3 Hail Marys for the priest


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cooly man
cooly man 5 months ago

This priest and the other in this parish were stripped of their faculties because of the "irrelevance" accusation against the Novus Ordo. "Revolution[ary]" was also applied to the Novus Ordo yet this more damning description was not mentioned by their ordinary as cause or reason. How strange! In my opinion, there is nothing in this sermon justifying punitive action.

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josemf410 7 months ago

Love this

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