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The Fifth Horseman - Promise and Threat of the Atom

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⁣The Fifth Horseman - Promise and Threat of the Atom

All-star dramatic series examining the promise and dangers of atomic energy.

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The program says that the name of the fifth "horseman" is, "The Threat of the Atom." "It's the eleventh hour."

Revelation tells of four 'horsemen', euphemisms for conquest, war, famine and death. The four horsemen rode four horses of distinctively varying colors: 'Conquest' rode a white mount, 'War' a red mount, 'Famine' a black mount, and 'Death' a pale [or pale green] mount. The four horsemen were also equipped with varying armament: Conquest wielded a crown and bow, War a sword, Famine a scale, and Death a scythe

1. Rehearsal - Henry Fonda - A group of American P. O. W.'s in Hiroshima live through the dropping of the atomic bomb.

2. Dawn - William Bendix - The story of a New York City subway train, traveling under a river, when the power goes off

3. The Promise - Glenn Ford - A man finds himself heading towards central Asia in a huge airplane, seating 400 people.

4. Crisis - Robert Young - "An arms race and an atomic war will occur, unless the countries of the world reach agreement about the atomic bomb."

5. Zero Minus One - A drama/documentary set in the future (1956) as our country prepares for atomic war. A stark picture of what life under atomic threat will be like.

6. Doomsday - Dane Clark - America is attacked by hundreds of rockets carrying atomic bombs

7. Aftermath - J. Carrol Naish - A stark drama about a group trying to survive the first winter after an atomic war.

8. Memo to Mankind - The last program of the series. What can one individual do about the atomic bomb?

Originally Broadcast in 8 parts in 1946
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