The Elect and the Reprobate

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We have the Last Sunday after Pentecost…the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year. Next Sunday will be the First Sunday of Advent and the start of a new liturgical year. But having arrived at the end, it is important to consider the end…to consider those who will be saved in the end and those that are the reprobate destined for damnation. More specifically, we will cover the topic of predestination according to Catholic teaching not according to the heresies of the revolutionaries like Martin Luther and John Calvin. Predestination is a branch of Divine Providence and concerns the care of intellectual creatures and bringing them towards their proper and final goal. The official definition of predestination is: The plan of bringing rational creatures to the end of eternal life. It should be noted that Predestination is a dogma of the Faith…an infallible truth that may not be denied by any true Christian, i.e., Catholic. The Church teaches clearly the following: God, by His Eternal Resolve of Will, has predetermined certain men to eternal blessedness.

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