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Spiritual Warfare and Communism - Part II ~ Fr. Ripperger

1,007 Views· 11/30/23
Sensus Traditionis
Sensus Traditionis
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A follow-up video to the first series on Spiritual Warfare and Communism.


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JMan1 5 months ago

We need to pray the prayers of the church such as the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin, the Holy Mass (traditional if you are able,) the Holy Rosary, the Holy Face and Divine Mercy Chaplets, in order that our prayers are efficacious. Become a member of the Legion of Mary in order to have devotion to Our Lady and bring souls to Christ through spiritual works.

Thank you Fr. Ripperger with your wonderful talks. I have listened to this a few times already. God bless you and know that I pray for you!

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Catholic Arrows
Catholic Arrows 6 months ago

What's better than getting Rippergered on a beautiful summer's evening?
- I live in Australia :)

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Samuel63 8 months ago

Great show! Gas is definitely less cost compared to electricity. The goal is to herd all into a single energy source, reducing your freedom and standard of living. Using gas for home heating and cooking is perfectly safe and efficient.

The Club of Rome was a meeting of world leaders to determine the best method of maintaining and increasing total control of the masses. They decided on environment and climate alarmism. The propaganda was developed shortly after.

I currently work in the electrolysis area of "green hydrogen." The whole field is filled with "scientists" that are duped and not really very intelligent. These scientists and engineers have been impacted by climate propaganda and have committed to a fraudulent cause. They are just not aware it is a fraud yet. We can wake them up, one at a time. Pray for them.

Just remember one thing. Communists are actually Bolsheviks. They have roamed the world as a parasite and are now in the height of power in the USA, UK and elsewhere. The Bolsheviks rejected their Messiah and have become/are total revolutionaries. They want to destroy western civilization, especially traditional Christianity and most importantly Catholics. They are the enemy. An example is Antony Blinken. These people are dedicated to constant war and destruction.

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Shelli 8 months ago

45:23 XXI- Infiltration:

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Jorge A. Gomes
Jorge A. Gomes 8 months ago

Thank you, fr. Ripperger. May God bless you work even more.

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