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Salve Regina - Simple tone (Hope in a Vale of Tears)

160 Views· 07/30/22
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⁣The "Salve Regina" is possibly the most well known and beloved of any Gregorian Chant, the text of which we pray at the end of every rosary "Hail, holy Queen...". The harmony in this recording is from my good friends of Harpa Dei who always make such beautiful, simple harmonies.

Though I am not sure exactly when the melody of this simple tone was written, I find it so incredibly beautiful in its wonderful simplicity. The text has us recognize ourselves as exiles of heaven as children of Adam and Eve, living in this world as in a Vale of Tears (for our true joy and happiness is to be found in heaven), while confidently and lovingly turning to Mary for help, seeing her as our "Mother," "hope," "sweetness" and implicitly our "joy" (and the melody reflects this so wonderfully). Both the melody and the text remind us and reassure us, that we have a true mother in Mary, more loving and caring than any other earthly mother could even imagine, and thus we can have complete confidence and hope that she - who loves us more than ourselves - will do all in her power to help save us and lead us to Christ. No matter what kind of crisis or confusion may be going on in the world - whether it be in the Church, economy, governments, health, etc - we have nothing to fear so long as we stay near to Our Lady. And if we are faithful to her and her Son, Jesus Christ, she will not hesitate to show Him to us at the hour of our death, and take us to heaven for all eternity.
"Pray for us, O holy Mother of God; that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ."

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CurrallMom 6 months ago

I can trust your Gregorian chant to be played in front of my kids, without ads and your videos are visually simple! My 3 year old little boy can sing Salve Regina from start to end almost perfectly. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

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PaxVobiscum 8 months ago

Love this.

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