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Occultism in the Church?!馃槺What Catholics need to know!

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Joe McClane
Joe McClane
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鈦harles Fraune explains what went into his powerful new book, "THE RISE OF THE OCCULT: What Exorcists and Former Occultists Want You to Know", including stories from former occultists, priests, and others affected by the increasing influence of occultism, even reaching deep into the upper levels of the Catholic Church! Find out what lured many people in, and how the rise of the occult is linked to the persecution of the traditional Latin Mass!

Charles Fraune on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CharlesDFraune
Slaying Dragons Press: https://slayingdragonspress.com/

"A Catholic Take": https://thestationofthecross.com/act/

Catch the full episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CH2OjSPhfaE&t=1662s

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