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New Coke, Amtrak, and the New Mass

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Nothing can save the New Liturgy. If modern liturgists must prop up the New Mass by incentives and discourage any competition of the Classic Mass then it is not succeeding on its own. As another author put it: Had it been a company the New Mass would have been ditched long ago and the Classic Mass would have taken its rightful place; because it works and draws the youth to the priesthood and the religious life and fulfills the spiritual yearning which dwells in our souls. In other words, if you want to fill your pews, your seminaries and your religious houses with people then you will return to what worked: the Traditional Latin Mass. Unless, of course, the intended purpose is to destroy the Church as it was and bring into being a new church made in their image. It took Coca-Cola executives only 79 days to realize that they had made a mistake, and this was before there was any appreciable decline in their sales or market share. Why, oh why, has the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, after 50 plus years of declining numbers in almost every measurable category not begun to ask themselves whether the problem might just be with the product and not the consumer?

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Shelli 1 year ago

This is spot on. Excellent analogy. One thing is sure, I didn't buy the "New Coke" and I am not buying what's being sold as the new mass. Even if it's the only 'mass' on the shelves in every 'store'... I'll be at the 'thrift stores' and 'basement shops' buying every one of the 'old' or 'classic' masses I can find! Even if I have to travel to the CATACOMBS!

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