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Modesty: Conclusion - At Mass ~ Fr Ripperger

188 Views· 09/13/22
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TSheld72 5 months ago

Noise, Noise, Noise... So much of it in our world it's frankly enough to drive anyone crazy. Completely agree with Father and you Miss Shelli!

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Shelli 5 months ago

THIS is the sermon that needs to be broadcast to ALL parishes. Father explains (in more recent talks) about the lack of shame and modesty rampant in society, but this is unfortunately within the pews of all our churches! You can't even hear part of the homilies here on Sensus Fidelium for the screaming, loud talking children in the background! Parents need to parent, and for the love and charity of your neighbor, for His sake,
show due reverence to God, His Holy House and remove an unsettled child until they settle. We have to
R E S P E C T the church and each other IN church.

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