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Miracles, Prayers, and the Gift of Healing | Andrew Laubacher aka A-LOB | Episode #118

4 Views· 06/13/24
The BeatiDudes
The BeatiDudes
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⁣1 Corinthians 12 describes the spiritual gifts, including the gift of healing. Andrew Laubacher, aka A-LOB, realized early in his journey that God was using his prayers over others to bring about physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to build up the Kingdom.

On this episode of the podcast, Jeff Schiefelbein, Paul Kolker, Nick Bezner, and guest Andrew Laubacher explore the incredible power of healing prayer and share personal stories of witnessing miraculous healings. They emphasize the importance of faith and divine intervention in experiencing these miracles, discussing instances of praying for healing in public places and seeing medical conditions healed miraculously. Andrew connects physical healing to spiritual repentance and conversion, highlighting the transformative nature of prayer. Andrew and the BeatiDudes also delve into the mystery of suffering, the impact of faith on individuals' lives, and the value of engaging with marginalized communities.

A-LOB sums it up perfectly by stating, “People don’t need to be in ministry to be ministers.”

The show concludes with a powerful prayer for the healing of Jeff’s three-year-old son, Benedict Pro, who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.

ALOB is now the Executive Director for Humanality, a nonprofit that aims to reclaim the adventure of human connection by helping people get off their phones and into reality.

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