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Meditation on Death Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Final Judgement


Just like Hell, Final Judgement is something we all do not want to think about. This, too, fills us with fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. These thoughts can be something that causes us to avoid meditating on our final judgment. This could be a tool that Satan uses to stop us from being prepared for what's to come next.

Reflection Question

During your particular judgement, all your sins will be brought to light. Are there any sins in particular that you are ashamed to have brought to light?
Have you confessed these sins already on earth, or are you holding them back out of fear?

Challenge for the Week

Find a plenary or partial indulgence that you can do for either yourself or a loved one (who has passed away) this week. ⁣


Prayer for the Week:

Jesus, help me to contemplate the ways in which I will face you on judgment day. Help it to be something that I have prepared for and something that I am ready to face with joy.

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