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Meaning of Catholic
Meaning of Catholic
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gettimothy 12 months ago

Glad you are here. I have just started learning Latin....mainly by memorizing prayers in it...I say my Rosary in it every day.
From there, I look on the internet, and have , for the first time, taken English grammar seriously...stuff like this:


Learning Latin is like learning SQL or Smalltalk. One is forced to think in new idioms and once you learn one new idiom, others start presenting themselves and you learn the inherent value of learning to learn different idioms.

A subtle , but foundational, fact of English / Latin is that different sounds, speech , writing convey the same things...

Why is that?

One would think that "foreign" languages would convey "foreign" ideas, but that has not been the case so far, for me.

I very much look forward to getting to the intermediate level, where I can think in Latin, just as I am thinking in English to type these sentences.

It is fun

God bless and thank you for your work.

p.s. your series on Catholic Social History(?) was very , very good.

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