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Is the New Mass a New Religion? | Ask Father with Fr. Albert Kallio

101 Views· 02/20/24
The Fatima Center
The Fatima Center
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The Fatima Center’s mission is to ensure that the entire Message of Fatima is fully and widely known, accurately understood, and properly acted upon so that Our Lady’s purpose in coming to Fatima – the salvation of souls and the prevention of catastrophic chastisements – may be realized.

The Fatima Center has been faithful to this mission since its founding in 1978 by Fr. Nicholas Gruner († 2015).

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The Fatima Center
The Fatima Center 2 months ago  

Audio is fixed! We cannot thank you all enough for always helping us create great content. Please continue to support us through your prayers and donations at http://www.fatima.org/donations and comment with any questions you have for the priests!

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Kathrynprayerwarrior 2 months ago

Well said Father…. We also know there was an Imposter Pope under Pope Paul VI…. The True Pope was laid low.😪🙏

True Pope

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