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How To Be Happy By Matt Fradd (Summary+Review)

82 Views· 08/04/22
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"How to be happy - St. Thomas´ secret to a good life" is a book that has been published recently. The author is Matt Fradd, who has a YouTube channel called Pints With Aquinas with currently 176,000 subscribers.

Link to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/PintsWithAquinas

Intro 00:00
General info about the book 00:56
Sin doesn´t make us happy (7 deadly sins) 03:10
Does money make you happy? 10:05
Does fame make you happy? 11:25
What makes us happy? 12:03
What to do when sad 13:02
Scrupels? 16:20
My opinion 17:35

Study about happiness gap: https://www.pewresearch.org/fa....ct-tank/2019/01/31/a

Another interesting study about happiness called "Nuns don´t have midlife crisis" https://daily.jstor.org/nuns-d....ont-have-midlife-cri

Rating system:
10/10 breathtaking, must read
9/10 really good
8/10 good
7/10 good (maybe not for everyone)
6/10 and less: I try to read good books lol so that rating should not occur

You can contact me here: thebiblicalbookworm@gmail.com

Image sources: https://soundcloud.com/matt-fradd

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