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He FLEW to TEXAS for The BeatiDudes?! | Chris McMahon, Aquinas Wealth Advisors | Episode #027

16 Views· 09/20/23
The BeatiDudes
The BeatiDudes
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⁣Chris McMahon established MFA Wealth to help clients with their personal wealth management and estate planning needs. Chris is an industry resource serving as a consultant and advisor to a multitude of industry professionals, giving clarity in the areas of practice management, client care, and comprehensive financial planning.

Chris is very involved in his community; he has served as the president of the Duquesne University Alumni Board, the president of St. Bernard’s Roman Catholic Church Parish Council, a board member of Oakland Catholic High School, a member of Mt Lebanon municipal Pension Board, and a board member of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Pittsburgh. Currently, Chris is a member of both the Duquesne University Board of Trustees and the Investment Committee. He is also a committee member of the Little Sisters of the Poor, a board member of Mary’s Place Pittsburgh, and a board member of Legatus International. Chris also remains active in youth sports in the Mount Lebanon area. Chris and his wife Molly have been married for 25 years and have five children, Kate, Will, Jack, Hugh, and Emma.

Before introducing the guest, the Dudes reflect on times when common phrases were misused by people in their lives. As we all know, Bakers can’t be choosy.

Chris is credited for a BeatiDudes first by having a PR firm reach out to the Dudes to arrange this special interview that involved a flight from Pittsburg to North Texas. On the show, we learn about Chris’ work in the wealth management world and his calling to create a “Faith in Finance” scoring tool so that anyone can uncover hidden investments in their portfolio that are counter to their personal beliefs.

On Blessed are the Joke Makers, the Dudes honor YouTube Superfan Chris with a special 100-point bonus. Then the Dudes have to act like a Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist to address the question, “If I started a religious order, it would focus on [blank].”

After the break, Chris shares his love for sending gifts of perpetual prayer when people are in mourning or even in times of celebration. Link to request your own perpetual prayers below.

Chris and his wife are involved with several religious orders, including the Sisters of Life and the Sisters of Mary and the World Villages of Children.

TBD Question: What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?

And finally, during Reverse Simpsons, the Dudes and Chris engage in a shared prayer to close the show.

Dominican Monastery of the Mother of God, Springfield, Massachusetts

Sisters of Mary, World Villages for Children

Aquinas Wealth Advisors, Faith and Finance Score



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