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GOP Dirty Dozen

45 Views· 06/22/22
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Mike Church discusses how GOP Senators have gone traitor by commiserating with Demoncrats in their 2022 Constitution Amendment Convention! On the Convention's agenda: repeal Article I & Article II powers for staate's to run their elections, repeal of the 2nd, 9th and Xth amendments. Secession is coming folks, LISTEN for what to do next!

⁣HEADLINE: "I Sensed The Knell of The Union” by Mike Church
Two paragraphs taken from Michael F Holt book - The Political Crisis of the 1850’s from the Mike Church Show, 06 February, 2014.
HEADLINE: Fairfax County School Board Votes To Make It A Potential Crime To Call A Boy A Boy by Auguste Meyrat
We should stop giving them the benefit of the language.
We should start using CrossDresser again and faggot and sodomite and pedophile and groomer!
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