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GOD OF LOVE: Song to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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Harpa Dei
Harpa Dei
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Text: Aurelio Espinosa P. S.J.
Music: Belisario Peña P.

In the last few weeks, news has reached us again and again about the terrible increase in crime in Ecuador, the first country consecrated to the Heart of Jesus. In that sense, we wanted to record this meaningful song, which for the Ecuadorian people is a kind of "national religious hymn".
In the current emergency situation, we recall the prayer campaign "Break the rod of the violent" that we carried out in 2011, with visible fruits. At that time, after many people in Ecuador and in other countries joined in this prayer for a year, it was possible to see that, thanks to God, the numbers of serious crimes decreased significantly.

The current emergency situation leads us now to invite our listeners to join in this simple prayer:

Loving heavenly Father,
we come to you full of confidence,
firmly believing that you will come to the aid of the ecuadorian people.

Look at the suffering caused by violence and evil
and with your power weaken the influence of evil.
Crush the rod of the violent and take away its dominance over souls.

Give us the grace to offer spiritual resistance against evil.
Permit us to receive more sincerely the gift of faith and put it into practice.

May our prayers bring about the conversion of those who are far from you, enslaved by sin.
So that together we may recognise you, honor you and love you, as our heavenly Father.
This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
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