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⁣Episode 5 - A Catholic Life Podcast - Fourth Sunday of Lent

88 Views· 03/20/23
A Catholic Life
A Catholic Life
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⁣In today’s episode, on this Fourth Sunday of Lent (Laetare Sunday), I address the following:

Laetare Sunday and the custom of the Papal Golden Rose

The Transferred Feast of St. Joseph vs. the forgotten former Eastertide Feast of St. Joseph

The Votive Feast of the Precious Blood (Friday after the Fourth Sunday in Lent)

The History of American Anti-Catholicism of the Late 1800s and early 1900s

To start, though, I’d like to remind everyone that Meaning of Catholic has launched its online shop, and PDFs of my book on the Roman Catechism and my book on fasting and abstinence are available at https://meaningofcatholic.com/shop/. For the fasting one, English, Spanish, and Polish are all available there. So please check them out if you would like a PDF of any of these books. PDFs are only $9.99 each.

For links for the paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon, click here.
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