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Conquering the CHAOS, Wisdom from CEO and Father of Seven Shares | Rob Hays | Episode #078

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⁣Rob Hays, CEO of Ashford Hospitality, is a finance and business leader with two decades of experience in strategy and corporate finance. He is passionate about finding innovative ways to solve problems, particularly for businesses and industries that are trying to build a better society and have a focus on human flourishing.

In addition to his business skills and accomplishments, Rob enjoys intellectual & moral formation, the integration of faith in professional life, helping those who struggle with issues of homelessness, and striving to live as a faithful Catholic husband, father, friend, and mentor.

Rob shares more about his family during this episode as he and his wife prepare to welcome baby #7 in just a few weeks. He also reflects that having four boys first, before a string of 3 girls, led to maximum chaos in his house for many years. He also drops child-raising wisdom on the Dudes and references Jim Stenson’s book Father, The Family Protector. He reminds us to always bear in mind that we are raising adults.

On Blessed are the Joke Makers Bonus Edition, the Dudes must take different personas for Rob to guess as they address the prompt, “Records of _____ are found in the secret Vatican archives.”

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Christopherus 5 months ago


Wow, you guys...AWESOME character portrayals!

***SPOILER ALERT*** (As always)

Congrats to Jeff for picking up the ELEVENTY-ONE points for Christmas!

Jeff is catching up to Paulonius! Will he catch up or surpass him before the New Year?! 😱

Season 2 BeatiPoints inherented through Episode S02E28 (Episode 78) of BeatiDudes:
Jeff 756
Paulonius 852
Nick 387 (3 of the points are REALLY BIG!)

Will Hickl 88
Chad Simpson 10

Total BeatiPoints: 2,093
Mean BeatiPoints per Show: 75
Median BeatiPoints per Show: 80
Mean BeatiPoints per Person: 68
Median BeatiPoints per Person: 74

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