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Catholic Teaching on IVF - Questions with Father #41 - Fr. Palko

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In vitro fertilization, or IVF, has been front and center in the news following the Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling that embryos created through IVF are legally “children” for the purposes of that state’s Wrongful Death of a Minor Act. In the wake of the decision, politicians, religious leaders, and laypeople who view themselves as “pro-life” have wrestled publicly with legal and practical questions surrounding IVF, including its availability. Catholics, for their part, know–or ought to know–that the Church opposes IVF, though many remain unsure as to why. If IVF assists couples in having children, is this not a good thing? What crucial moral issues does IVF raise and how should Catholics address them? In this timely episode, Fr. Ian Palko explains the mechanics of IVF while situating the procedure in a classical Catholic moral framework. He also stresses the importance of not separating procreation from its proper, marital context.

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