Calculating the Fullness of a Gathered Skirt

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Sewing with Ani Slattery
Sewing with Ani Slattery
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⁣My demonstration is with little half-aprons for the sake of simplicity and being able to show it all on the screen, but these same principles apply with anything that is gathered. For example for a gathered skirt, this should give you a good idea of the fullness you are looking for and how to calculate it. Or for gathered sleeves, you can plan for how puffy you want the sleeve to be.

The 3 levels of gathers I did here are:
50% gather (6" + 3" = 9" starting length)
100% gather (6" + 6" = 12" starting length)
200% gather (6" + 12" = 18" starting length)

As you can imagine, fuller gathers take significantly more fabric so that is another consideration when planning your sewing project. A half-apron can be done with any amount of gather and still would look beautiful and be practical, so I usually use up scrap pieces of fabric instead of planning out the gather amount. However, for skirts, dresses or sleeves, I do more planning because I want to decide what the garment will look like.

If you're using a pattern to sew, you won't have to worry about calculating gathers, but having this skill will allow you to adjust the pattern to better suit your style.

I hope this all makes sense and gives a useful visual. Since I am new to SpiritusTV, I am not yet familiar with the individuals on this platform, especially with your level of sewing skill, so I would appreciate any comments and messages letting me know about yourself and what you might want to see from me. I can do videos for beginners who have never touched a needle and thread before, or if you're more experienced, maybe we can learn some new techniques together. Just let me know!

May the Lord reward your works
Ani Slattery


Thank you for watching and please let me know what you think of the video, and if you have any requests for what you'd like to see in the future.

Our family has felt a strong call to pursue traditional skills that have been lost in the modern world, and we want to share it with others as much as the Lord will allow. My husband does carpentry, animal husbandry, butchery, writing and publishing. Find his channel here:

I share traditional handiworks such as sewing and embroidery and I also have a little shop where I sell some of my handmade goods such as aprons, head coverings, embroidered neckties, Catholic embroidery kits and rosary pouches. Or you can follow me on Instagram to see my past or current works.

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TSheld72 3 months ago

Ani, This is a fantastic idea! My daughter is the seamstress in our family and I know she'll really appreciate more of these types of videos.. Especially with specialty fabrics like silk, satin..etc.. Thanks for providing this the quality of the video is perfect. IMHO.. Maybe I'll take up sewing!

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Sewing with Ani Slattery

Thank you so much Tanya! Your words and feedback are very encouraging, especially being so new to this and questioning how to proceed. I'll see what I can do in terms of the topics you mentioned. I might start with more beginner-friendly videos and go from there.

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Sewing with Ani Slattery

And I do hope you take up sewing!!

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