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Big Man on Campus Undergoes Spiritual Renewal | John Michael Lucido | Episode #097

9 Views· 03/13/24
The BeatiDudes
The BeatiDudes
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1,902 views Mar 4, 2024 The BeatiDudes
John Michael Lucido is a regional director at FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students), where he and his wife serve the Lord by accompanying others, including fellow missionaries.

John Michael shares how he tried to find acceptance in the wrong places as he started college and soon had to take a step back to reset his priorities and put God back at the forefront. He reflects on the powerful legacy of great Catholic men who came before him and how we are all standing on the shoulders of the men and women who carved this path for us. This is a story of God’s mercy and His pursuit of true relationship with each of us.

Fun side note - John Michael was a former student of Paul’s back at Jesuit Preparatory School in Dallas, and they recounted some of the fun adventures and memories they shared from those days.

On Blessed are the Joke Makers, the dudes must take on the persona of someone who shares too much info to address the prompt, “A little know Bible story.”

The TBD Question of the Day asks John Michael and the Dudes to reflect on what they each remember from their own Baptisms.

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