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Baltimore Catechism, Lesson 4: Creation and the Angels

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⁣Here on the next session of the Ecu-Men, we are continuing our discussions on the Baltimore Catechism. Today the Ecu-Men are going to cover the topic: Creation and the Angels. Who are those helpers that we know so little about? Well, listen to this podcast and figure out what you didn’t know and what you already knew about the angels of God. Enjoy!

35. What do we mean when we say that God is the Creator of heaven and earth?
We mean that He made all things from nothing by His almighty power. (Isa 44:24)
36. Which are the chief creatures of God?
The chief creatures of God are angels and men. (Ps 8:6-7)
37. What are angels?
Angels are created spirits, without bodies, having understanding and free will. (Dan 7:10)
38. What gifts did God bestow on the angels when He created them?
When God created the angels He bestowed on them great wisdom, power, and holiness. (Dan 3:58)
39. Did all the angels remain faithful to God?
Not all the angels remained faithful to God; some of them sinned. (Apo 12:7)
40. What happened to the angels who remained faithful to God?
The angels who remained faithful to God entered into the eternal happiness of heaven, and these are called good angels. (Matt 18:10)
41. What do the good angels do in heaven?
In heaven the good angels see, love, and adore God.
42. How do the good angels help us?
The good angels help us by praying for us, by acting as messengers from God to us, and by serving as our guardian angels. (Ps 90:11-12)
43. How do our guardian angels help us?
Our guardian angels help us by praying for us, by protecting us from harm, and by inspiring us to do good. (Tobias 12:12)
44. What happened to the angels who did not remain faithful to God?
The angels who did not remain faithful to God were cast into hell, and these are called bad angels, or devils. (Matt 25:41)
45. What is the chief way in which the bad angels try to harm us?
The chief way in which the bad angels try to harm us is by tempting us to sin. (Eph 6:11)
46. Do all temptations come from the bad angels?
Some temptations come from the bad angels; but others come from ourselves and from the persons and things about us. (I John 2:15)
47. Can we always resist temptations?
We can always resist temptations, because no temptation can force us into sin, and because God will always help us if we ask Him. (I Cor 12:9)

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