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Baltimore Catechism, Lesson 11: The Catholic Church

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Ecu Men
Ecu Men
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⁣Here on the next lesson presented by the Ecu-Men, we cover a controversial topic, the Catholic Church. Without the Church, there’s no way for us to commune w/ our Lord Jesus Christ. So join us as we talk about the body He founded and how it impacts you & me. Thanks for listening!

136. What is the Church?
The congregation of all baptized persons united in the same true faith, the same sacrifice, and the same sacraments, under the authority of the Sovereign Pontiff and the bishops in communion with him. (Matthew 13:24)

137. Who founded the Church?
Jesus Christ founded the Church. (Matthew 16:18)

138. Why did Jesus Christ found the Church?
To bring all men to eternal salvation. (John 10:27-28)

139. How is the Church enabled to lead men to salvation?
By the indwelling of the Holy Ghost, who gives it life.

140. When was the dwelling of the Holy Ghost in the Church first visibly manifested?
On Pentecost Sunday, when He came down upon the apostles in the form of tongues of fire. (Acts 2:1-4)

141. How long will the Holy Ghost dwell in the Church?
The Holy Ghost will dwell in the Church until the end of time. (John 14:16)

142. Who sent the Holy Ghost to dwell in the Church?
God the Father and God the Son sent the Holy Ghost to dwell in the Church. (John 14:26, 15:26, 16:7)

143. What does the indwelling of the Holy Ghost enable the Church to do?
It enables the Church to teach, to sanctify, and to rule the faithful in the name of Christ. (John 16:13)
144. What is meant by teaching, sanctifying, and ruling in the name of Christ?
It means that the Church always does the will of its Divine Founder, who remains forever its invisible Head.

145. To whom did Christ give the power to teach, to sanctify, and to rule the members of His Church?
To the apostles, the first bishops of the Church. (Luke 10:16)

146. Did Christ intend that this power should be exercised by the apostles alone?
No, Christ intended that this power should be exercised also by their successors, the bishops of the Church. (Acts 1:24-25)

147. Did Christ give special power in His Church to any one of the apostles?
Christ gave special power in His Church to Saint Peter by making him the head of the apostles and the chief teacher and ruler of the entire Church. (Acts 2:14)

148. Did Christ intend that the special power of chief teacher and ruler of the entire Church should be exercised by Saint Peter alone?
No. not exercised by Saint Peter alone, but Christ intended that this power should be passed down to Peter’s successor, the Pope, the Bishop of Rome, who is the Vicar of Christ on earth and the visible head of the Church.

149. Who assist the bishops in the care of souls?
The priests, especially parish priests, assist the bishops in the care of souls. (Acts 14:22)

150. Who are the laity of the Church?
The laity of the Church are all its members who do not belong to the clerical or to the religious state.

151. How can the laity help the Church in her care of souls?
The laity can help the Church in her care of souls by leading lives that will reflect credit on the Church, and by cooperating with their bishops and priests, especially through Catholic Action. (I Peter 2:12)

151a. What is Catholic Action?
Catholic Action is the active participation of the laity in the apostolate of the Church under the guidance of the hierarchy.

151b. In what ways can the laity participate actively in the apostolate of the Church?
Many ways. (See Catechism link below)


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ChristineOFS 1 year ago

GOD BLESS YOUR WORK! Thank you for presenting the Baltimmore Catechism. I am Blessed and prayers answered to learn more of the Catechism. I will indeed share because this is easily explained. ! I am thirsty for Church teacings, Churh history, Church Fathers....PAX CHRISTI+

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Ecu Men
Ecu Men 1 year ago

We are happy to help. :) We figured this was a good project to work on because when we came to the faith, there was so little of this out there. If we can help shed a bit more light on it and get others interested in reading the original works themselves, we did our job. Thanks again for listening & sharing!

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