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A New Catholic Renaissance — I AM Live Episode 1

33 Views· 10/31/23

⁣Named after the two patrons of the internet, Isidore Acutis Media seeks to be a great platform of evangelization, bringing you the best of curated Catholic media.

Premiering on October 20th, 2023, this broadcast of I AM Live is an event of evangelization, showcasing the best of everything Catholic, featuring this week's news, an exclusive interview spotlight, an appearance from Fr. Mike Schmitz, a musical performance by the Dominican Province of Toulouse, and more!

The goal with every show is to create a synthesis of the best qualities from the age of television, which is the well-produced and curated content, with the best from the age of the internet, which is the decentralization that allows everyone a voice.

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Introduction music by St. Alphonsus Liguori

Meditations On Death Trailer
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Subtle Idols and Hidden Agendas | Fr. Mike Schmitz |
2022 St. John Bosco Conference
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Thomas à Kempis Part 4: Meditations on Death
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Vive Flamme d'amour
Dominican Province of Toulouse

Bach: Sanctus in D minor, MWV 239

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