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How can get be Spritiual prepared for whatever storms may come.

Matthew Sawchuk
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Here's a "behind the scenes" look at all the necessary steps to grow your very own microgreens!

Matthew Sawchuk
80 Views · 1 year ago

What's the big deal with microgreens? I mean, besides having up to 40 TIMES more nutrition than fully mature plants!?

Matthew Sawchuk
109 Views · 1 year ago

Being able to grow our own food has become more important than ever before. Learn the three biggest reasons why we should be growing our own food as well as how destructive big AG really is and my own personal journey to being more self-sufficient.

Sensus Fidelium
59 Views · 11 months ago book Steve mentioned

Down the page there is a printable list -

Top 10 Survival Food Producers -

Water Filtration -

Great video on Go Bags aka bugout bags -

Building a Trauma Kit -

Lost art of food storage - use promo code SENSUSFIDELIUM for 20% off type SF15 at Checkout for 15% off

Mediatrix Press affiliate link -

Glory & Shine Products -

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Matthew Sawchuk
77 Views · 1 year ago

A quick garden walkthrough for the beginning of September and how I prepared it for the Fall weather.

Matthew Sawchuk
105 Views · 1 year ago

This is the first time I've ever attempted to grow potatoes! I planted five pounds of seed potatoes. Can I get more potatoes out than what I put in?

Matthew Sawchuk
186 Views · 1 year ago

Work with your hands and pray with your heart. In order that you may get to know me better, here is an average day for me.

"Heart of Jesus, I adore Thee. Heart of Mary, I implore thee. Heart of Joseph, pure and just. In Thy three Hearts I place my trust. Jesus, Mary, Joseph I love Thee, save souls."