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Pipes With Augustine
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⁣Am I a terrible, unprepared interviewer? Am I trying to get into Hollywood? Am I trying to copy or compete with Matt Fradd's "Pints With Aquinas"? And why am I not smoking a pipe? ⁣As a public figure, one has to be aware and ready to receive all kinds of negative comments and slanders of all types. And no matter how good of a job one does, there will always be people who will find something to complain about.

Pipes With Augustine
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⁣My good friend of 10 years, priest, exorcist, philosopher and theologian Fr Chad Ripperger joins us to discuss the benefits and potential dangers of Artificial Intelligence. I am also joined by my best friend, Eric Egan, as co-host for this episode (in hind-sight, we realized it would have been better if he had been a co-guest rather than co-host). He has a MS in Computer Science and is constantly studying the field of AI. This episode was originally filmed on Oct 5, 2023. (No, I am not trying to copy or compete with Matt Fradd's "Pint's With Aquinas" so much as being inspired by him and having fun with the name. Matt is, however, my favorite Catholic podcaster and I admire his work... and St Augustine... and pipes and cigars... and really good beer.)

To see the short film that Eric and I recently made that deals with A.I. and abortion, visit Eric's website (https://www.trh.media) and enter your email to sign up for the newsletter. Eric will send you an email with a private link for viewing the film. As it is currently being submitted to film festivals, we cannot currently share it publicly.

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0:00 Coming up...
1:23 Introduction
4:41 Overall Impression of A.I.
6:45 Ethical Dangers of A.I.
13:36 YT's Age of A.I. series
16:08 Nefarious funding of A.I.
17:17 Difficulty of Controlling A.I.
21:22 What Freud got right... projection theory
24:44 Positive Singularity or A.I. taking over?
29:10 Real Danger and Biggest Concern
29:57 A.I. and Copyright Issues
36:27 The problem with the term "rights"
42:52 A.I. Image Generation
44:42 A.I. Bible and Theology?
50:12 Jordan Peterson's view on A.I.
51:38 Basic explanation of machine learning
53:23 Moral limits of A.I. in human augmentation
1:00:08 Demonic influence in A.I.?
1:04:51 Technology vs getting Back to the Land
1:14:13 Morality of A.I. taking jobs?
1:18:12 Importance of Movies?

#artificialintelligence #theology #philosophy

Pipes With Augustine
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⁣For my first episode, I interview my dad, William F. Jasper - Sr Editor of The New American magazine and author of 2 books on the UN - on the history and evils of Communism. My internet is so slow that I had a lot of problems getting this uploaded here on SpiritusTv. Eventually I had to use the library's computers to upload this. But now, here it is. God bless!

My other channel: https://www.spiritustv.com/@GregorianChantAcademy

The New American magazine: https://www.thenewamerican.com

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