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We continue the serie about the renewal of the Church in the Holy Spirit

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Aspects of Holyness

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After the serie of describung the wounds and the bad sprit working in the church
and in the world I adress myself to the theme how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit for an authentic renewal of the church. She has to fullfill her mission to bring in
any case the gospel to the world. So it is an invitation to do our part!

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It is a short summary with some rflwctions how to deal with the recent situation

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It is a really deep wound that the curch cooperated willingly with all the measures of the state to fight against the Coronavirus. It was a wrong path because of lacking the spirit of dicernement like with the other wound. One of the worst things what was said was that to take this failed and dangerous vaccination is an act of love and everybody shoud do it!

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⁣The enmity against the traditional Holy Mass is to understand on the
background that it is a fight against the Catholic Tradition in general .
There are forces who want to have an modern church to be united with
the spirit of the world. This means "another church" not let by the Holy
Spirit and in danger to be an instrument of Antichrist spirit.

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we have to look to this event as a idolatry in the garden of the Vatican and at St. Peter Basiilka. Till today there was no official act of purification and reparation of this act agianst the first commandment of God. So this would is still bleeding.

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It is a deep wound and an assault against the Holy Mission of the church to bring the gospel to all people!

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⁣First wound - Amoris Laetitia. It is important to face decisions which are not serving and are in danger to bring confusion to the church. We have such a situation now which is a bleeding wound
on the body of the Holy Church.

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⁣Another Church? This video is the introduction to the series of seven videos describing the shadows
about the world and especially about the church. It will lead to the five wounds of the church
which are still bleeeding and weakening the Holy Church. Things are going strange in this pontificate.
Do we have to see the dawn of another church?

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