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Meeting your Birth Mom at 20 - From Adoption to Catholicism with Rob's Wife, Hope

27 Views· 09/02/22
Avoiding Babylon
Avoiding Babylon
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⁣Have you ever felt the raw, visceral pull to understand your roots, and how it shapes your faith and relationships? Join us as we explore these profound questions with our guest, Hope, who unravels her complex life story. From meeting her birth mother at the age of 20 to the intricate dynamics of her adoptive family and her eventual spiritual journey toward Catholicism, Hope's tale is a testament to the power of faith and resilience amidst life's trials.

Weaving through Hope's recollections, we explore her adoptive parents' struggle with infertility and understand the deep-seated influence of religion on her upbringing. She candidly shares the challenges she experienced while dating a Catholic, sparking a ripple of reactions within her family. Listen as we navigate her transformative spiritual revelation during her first Mass at the Cathedral of St Paul and her subsequent journey toward Catholicism. The discussion further delves into how Hope navigates emotional tumult after uncovering her father's infidelity and his impact on her trust in men.

In the concluding part of our conversation, Hope recounts her poignant experience of discovering her birth mother on Facebook after a long, arduous search. We also revisit how her adoptive parents' reactions to her Catholic boyfriend influenced her spiritual journey. Hope brings to light the importance of a stable home life. She candidly shares the joys of female companionship and the benefits of social media detox. Join us for this deeply personal and engaged discussion that navigates the labyrinth of faith, adoption, betrayal, and the power of relationships.



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